WAN Talks With ADI About The New #IsThatFurReal Campaign & Tips To Find Out If Fur Is Faux Or Not

With the New York Fashion Week underway and London Fashion Week set to start on February 15th, Animal Defenders International has launched an online campaign to help people determine #IsThatFurReal. “Unaware that real fur is often mislabeled or not labelled at all, and cheap, shoppers may unknowingly be supporting animal suffering,” Animal Defenders International President Jan Creamer said in a statement sent to WAN. […]

Ski-Themed Fashion Capsules : Cherry Los Angeles

Cherry Los Angeles Taps the 70s for Its Latest APEX Collection Cherry Los Angeles’ upcoming ‘APEX’ collection is set to drop on February 8th. The lookbook showcases silhouettes that are unisex, as well as minimalist and playful in design. For the release, the contemporary streetwear brand taps ski culture, more precisely from the 70s era. […]

Five Miniature Games To Get You Into The Hobby

In the cross-section of the tabletop gaming world, miniature gaming has traditionally been especially challenging to embrace as a newcomer. The tactical rules seem daunting, the player base can seem set in its ways and opinions, the price factor of collecting is daunting, and painting minis is really an entire hobby all on its own. […]