[NV,CA,RI,OK,HI] Anyone who did not care about the New York Bitlicense because it doesn’t affect them, here it comes to a state near you. : CryptoCurrency


If you live in any of those state (except HI because they defeated it last year and it did not go anywhere this year, please let yourself know.)


These laws are presented in State Houses therefore regular Citizen from those states can testify but these hearing can be scheduled with little notice.

This is Andy’s testimony in Nebraska last year on the same bills : https://youtu.be/PgC-E_Cou0s & https://youtu.be/AQomVl3NeSM

The TV showed up before the hearing and interviewed local bitcoiners: https://youtu.be/wifkSabPEjQ

I am here to help defeat this ULC Bitlicenses but you need to do the work locally.

If you are a Kraken customer, please ask them why they are bankrolling the ULC Bitlicense when at the same time saying the NY Bitlicense is bad? They could have been fighting next to me the NY Bitlicense but instead they preferred bankrolling that ULC Bitlicense.


Theo Chino, @TheoBitcoin


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