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Vivier Creates Potent Products to Target Hydration, Aging and More

Vivier is a family-owned pharmaceutical skincare brand that specializes in premium products that target a variety of common concerns. These range from dryness and dull skin to excess oil and aging effects like wrinkles. Known for its targeted kits along with individually sold best-sellers, the Canadian company prides itself on the vast research conducted before each of its products is created, formulated and sold.

With its premium ingredients hand-selected, “Vivier ensures its products are at the forefront of science to deliver the right solution for consumers’ unique skincare needs.” The company’s best-selling pharmaceutical skincare solutions include its signature “GrenzCine” line of groundbreaking, anti-aging products that renew and rejuvenate skin. These include GrenzCine Neck — applied twice daily for a firmer and more lifted appearance — GrenzCine Serum, which targets thin skin to re-establish elasticity and thickness and GrenzCine Eye, a powerful formula that diminishes fine lines around the eye area. Additionally, the line includes a GenzCine Body product that firms and tightens for younger looking skin everywhere.

Other fan favorites include Vivier’s vitamin c-infused serums along with its targeted kits that tackle everything from hyperpigmentation to anti-aging.

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