VeChain and DNVGL’s My Story blockchain solution integrates with Haier’s Ecological Alliance : CryptoCurrency

Jim Breyer has invested in two crypto projects, Ethereum (before it exploded) and VeChain. Something to think about.

Here’s what he said about VeChain over a year ago.

“Last I checked, VeChain has a strong team and has already established some compelling partnerships with organizations like PwC. Ideally and eventually, Vechain will implement their technology and help diminish numerous supply chain inefficiencies. If Vechain can execute, they could be a leader in item validation, and capture a meaningful portion of the growing cross border e-commerce market. The Chinese blockchain industry, from small companies with tokens to major enterprises, is flourishing and should not be ignored. I took a bold bet on China over a decade ago and remain as convinced as ever that Chinese innovation will resume at a rapid and competitive pace.”

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