Veteran Microsoft engineer to lead developer experience at NEO Global Development

People in general are feeling antsy (no pun intended) because NEO doesn’t hype itself, and they look to the drop in price between ATH and now and assume something must be wrong. People that actually pay attention are mostly feeling pleased with the steady development, hiring, and expansion. Between the recent upgrade to dBFT consensus, the ongoing development of NeoFS distributed data storage through NEO’s St. Petersburg division, the work of the Seattle office, the stable project funding, and the various other projects on the go, there is reason to be optimistic. There are still some communication issues sometimes that could be improved, and no project in crypto is guaranteed to succeed, but overall it remains a solid option.

NeoNewsToday is a good spot for general info if you want to DYOR (unfortunately it’s not whitelisted on r/CC by default, so folks here miss out on a lot of NEO news).


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