Videogame Giant Ubisoft Plans to Leverage Ethereum’s Blockchain Technology : CryptoCurrency

The issue with these articles is that they are mostly translated by Google translate and the headlines are spiced up to make you click on it.

In reality, the source article mentions that Ubisoft is considering blockchain to compete with Epic Games, since Fortnite is taking all of the money in the industry.

It is not mentioned which blockchain will be used and when this is going to happen.


Keep in mind that Ubisoft is mostly owned by corporations like Vivendi with Tencent also holding a part of the shares. This could be just the use of a buzzword to get the stocks going and getting some free feedback. Eventually gaming has to shift towards blockchain but I don’t see Ubisoft leading the charge tbh.

Edit: OP is obviously working for/involved in the promotion of this website and just spamms the links out while trying to mix in some from mainstream websites to cover the tracks. You can’t really expect accurate information to come out of that since all they want is clicks and views.

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