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L’INSANE is a Fashion-Forward Retail Destination, Located in Paris

L’INSANE is a genderless concept store that “encourages style expression outside of the box.” As many are turning to the non-binary instead of the defined, retail spaces like this are beginning to gain traction. Located in Paris, this label is fashion-forward, daring, chic, and experimental. In terms of its online presence, L’INSANE boasts an opinionated blog and its clothing is all grouped under the category of ‘Human.’ With reference to its brick-and-mortar establishment, the genderless concept store boasts a strong vibe that fuses notes of industrialism and minimalism.

L’INSANE’s inventory contains a rich assortment of some of the most cutting-edge brands in the realm of luxury fashion and streetwear. This includes labels like New York-based Telfar, jewelry designer Alan Crocetti, 032c, Mane Mane, and more.


Photo Credits: Highsnobiety/ Julien Tell, L’INSANE

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