Antioxidant-Rich Hydrating Overnight Masks : hydrating overnight mask

Popular K-beauty brand Peach & Lily recently released its first overnight treatment, which takes the form of an antioxidant-packed hydrating overnight mask. The Overnight Star Sleeping Mask is powered by ingredients like acai berry and black ginseng extract, which work their regenerative magic during a time when the body is already resting and repairing itself.

The hydrating sleeping mask also promises to deliver skin that’s firmer and brighter, as well as soft and plump, thanks to its innovative formula. The Overnight Star Sleeping Mask boasts a soothing lavender scent and a unique texture that’s described as being like “a cross between a bouncy jelly balm and a whipped gel-cream” that absorbs quickly and leaves no residue—meaning there won’t be any mess left behind on pillows.


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