Fully Monochromatic Sunglasses : monochromatic sunglasses

Pairs of monochromatic sunglasses in four distinct colorways are made available to consumers through this collaboration between AKILA and ROKIT. The two Los Angeles-based brands worked side by side on reimagining the ‘Zed’ silhouette — a style with “a classic wraparound frame.”

Surely to be a hit in the context of contemporary streetwear, the monochromatic sunglasses feature an eco-friendly acetate frame and scratch-resistant lenses. In addition to that, the offerings guarantee ample protection from harmful UVAs and UVBs.

The monochromatic sunglasses with ROKIT is the latest collaborative venture by AKILA who has been working closely with brands like Raised by Wolves and 10.Deep on bespoke eyewear in 2019. The ‘Zed’ comes in a bright orange, a royal blue, a neon green, and black all-round coloring.


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