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Contemporary brand Warby Parker is launching a chic line of deconstructed mid-century glasses that are sure to capture the attention of consumers. Appropriately dubbed the ‘Sesia’ collection, the fashionable range draws stylistic cues from Varallo Sesia — a commune located in Italy.

Warby Parker makes the frames available as both optical and sun-oriented. The price point starts at $145 USD. There are three essential shapes of the mid-century glasses, with an emphasis put through design that incorporates aquatic tones and stony shades. In addition, to elevate the aesthetic of the silhouettes, Warby Parker introduces sheer crystals and earth-tinged tortoises.

Upon closer inspection, the mid-century glasses also boast intricate craftsmanship through a layered contrasting acetate and delicate metalwork that weaves the frame together. This approach is a first for Warby Parker.


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