Why Bowl Cuts Are Suddenly Cool – Bowl Cut Hair Trend 2019

Honestly, 2019 has been full of surprises, but one beauty trend I never could have predicted was the bowl cut. The polarizing hairstyle’s comeback has been a slow burn, creeping back into society’s consciousness for the past few years on fashion week runways, the 2018 Met Gala red carpet, and male celebrities like Timothée ChalametCharlize Theron is the most recent celeb to make a case for the haircut moms are known for DIYing in kitchens across the country. The actress’ new bowl cut is so convincing, I even considered getting one for a hot second.  

Theron’s bowl cut was first seen in an Instagram post announcing that her character from The Fate of the Furious (Fast 8) is returning for the franchise’s ninth film. This is great news for Fast fans, but I was more taken by her circular haircut. The star’s bowl cut was created by Virtue Labs creative director & celebrity hairstylist Adir Abergel, who looked to a photograph of ’90s supermodels Linda Evangelista and Cindy Crawford by the late photographer Peter Lindbergh for inspiration. 

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Abergel turned to his friend, British hairstylist Jonny Eagland, to help with the undercut portion of Theron’s cut. Then he cut the actress’ hair into a symmetrical bowl right above the ears and below the brow. Abergel trimmed the hair straight across and connected it into a slight V at the back of Theron’s head to give the cut a 2019 edge. The transformation also included color by Shannon Gallacher. To keep Theron’s hair looking shiny and vibrant throughout the coloring process, Abergil stepped in to treat it with Virtue’s Color Kick and Restorative Treatment Mask

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So why does Theron’s bowl cut suddenly seem so cool? I asked Abergil his opinion on why the polarizing haircut is trending. “I think the traditional bowl cut was about creating a very circular silhouette around the perimeter of the head and was always cut a little too short around the front,” he tells InStyle. “To add to that, the undercut was also always quite severe because it was cut with a buzzer versus a razor, along with scissors that left no soft edges anywhere. I think the reason this cut is back in style is because it’s modern with soft and hard edges to it, and I think we will be seeing a lot more of it.” 


Whether or not you like it or not, the bowl cut’s comeback can no longer be ignored. Keep scrolling for proof.  

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