Accessible Mascara Applicators : makeup applicators

Grace Makes Makeup Applicators to Improve Grip and Ease of Use While the needs of people with disabilities are focused on in some areas of design, they are largely ignored in others, including the design of many consumer products like makeup applicators. Grace is on a mission to create “beauty product add-ons” that make products […]

Creamy Seafood and Artichoke Linguine

I’m not usually a huge artichoke heart fan (I do love fresh artichokes), but something out of the ordinary hit me recently where I really had this urge to make a meal using them! I don’t know what came over me—but I didn’t ask a lot of questions, LOL—and just started to figure out what […]

BA plane lands in Edinburgh instead of Dusseldorf by mistake

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Edinburgh or Dusseldorf? Spot the difference A British Airways flight destined for Dusseldorf in Germany has landed in Edinburgh by mistake, after the flight paperwork was submitted incorrectly. The passengers only realised the error when the plane landed and the “welcome to Edinburgh” announcement was made. The flight has […]