Neo finally on track to the perfect economic token model in NEO 3.0? Neo Github seems to say so. : CryptoCurrency

Proposed by: saltyskip. Acknowledged by: igormcoelho and erikzhang. The NEO community needs to Vote. Economic Model Adjustments, Consensus Node Rewards and NEO GAS Inflation #326 This NEP will propose an economic model adjustment to the distribution of GAS created through mining, system fees, and network fees. Additionally it will propose a permanent inflation to GAS […]

Moon Payment Means You Can Shop on Amazon Using Bitcoin!

If you want to buy things on Amazon using Bitcoin, you now can. All you need is the Bitcoin lightning network and crypto payment processing startup Moon. In time, the service will extend to many e-commerce sites also, not just Amazon. Let’s check this out. Moon Payment Processing The startup announced today that any lightning-enabled wallet can […]

Ripple Startup Launches XRPayments App

It’s no secret Ripple has been looking for more mainstream adoption. And, based on XRPL Labs’ recent announcement, it appears XRP is on its way to achieving just that. News surfaced this week that XRPL Labs, a Ripple-backed startup, has rolled out a new payments app called XRPayments. Here’s why the app is important. XRPayments […]

Bitcoin’s [BTC] trillion dollar evaluation would propel other cryptos to achieve Store of Value [SoV] status, claims Pascal Thellmann

Bitcoin [BTC] has seen a fair share of controversies since its inception, both with regards to its technology and adoption. Before Bitcoin shocked the financial market by hitting the $20,000-mark almost two years ago, Mt. Gox played a crucial role in involuntarily orchestrating a major turn of events, leading to the eventual downfall of the […]