How To Clean a Microwave with Vinegar

Here’s a scenario: You go to nuke your lukewarm coffee, which you forgot about while you were walking the dog/making the kids’ lunch/scrolling on Instagram. You open your microwave door and — eek! — it’s a hot mess in there. There are grease splatters, dried tomato sauce blobs, and you’re not even sure what else. […]

Recipe: Cheesy Spinach Quiche | Kitchn

Fresh, nutrient-dense spring greens are beginning to pop up at the farmers market, ready to be incorporated into any and all spring meals. Once you’ve had your fair share of raw leafy salads, try adding the vibrant greens to a creamy, custardy quiche. Pick up the eggs and cheese at the market, too, and you’re […]

Recipe: Bacon and Cheese Breakfast Quiche

Sure, we love quiche any time of day. It’s great served fresh from the oven, chilled from the fridge, or even re-warmed three days later. But there’s something about a quiche specifically designed for the morning hours that’s particularly satisfying to sit down to. This quiche is a riff on a classic bacon, egg, and […]

10 Wildly Delicious and Easy Stuffed Pepper Recipes

The quest to keep weeknight dinners exciting (and nutritious) — especially for busy families — can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Take these stuffed pepper recipes, for example — they present the dinnertime staples (chicken, turkey, pasta) in a new, more adventurous form. Most of these recipes make it to the table […]

Recipe: Italian Sweet Easter Egg Breads

This Italian Easter bread has a strong Sicilian accent and carries the taste of spring all baked into joy-filled, adorable little wreaths. The bread is strongly spiced and rich with anise as a little reminder of winter. Down to the colorful sprinkles, this bread celebrates the breaking of the Lenten fast. The glaze, poured over […]

Kathirikai rasavangi recipe, brinjal rasavangi

Kathirikai rasavangi or brinjal rasavangi recipe with chana dal and fresh ground spice mix makes it really flavourful and delicious. Same recipe can be adapted to other vegetables like poosanikai. I have posted poosanikai rasavangi which my father in law shared what he remembered. Mom’s version was different which I remembered and have been asking […]