Google Unveiling Their Gaming Plans Next Month

Google has long been rumored to want to dip its toes into the gaming industry at a level beyond their somewhat disconnected Android platform. Now it seems like the company is finally ready to reveal those plans to the world at large, sending out a fairly detail-free invite to an announcement on March 19. The […]

Kingdom Hearts III Redeems Donald Duck

Kingdom Hearts’ convoluted story is a punchline for many gamers who haven’t played the franchise, but fans who’ve stuck around since the beginning have a punchline of their own: Donald Duck. The series defined clear expectations of Donald from the get-go in 2002. Donald is your team’s mage, and he’s supposed to heal you with […]

Dirt Rally 2.0 Review – Staying Focused

Efficiency is the goal in rally racing, from your co-driver’s no-nonsense pace notes (while under duress, I might add) to the fix-only-what-needs-fixing-now scramble of repairs between stages. Even when you’re hurtling down a country road in Poland reacting at speed to the semi-unknown, moving the steering wheel only as much as you absolutely need to […]

Super Replay – God Hand Episode 8: Asura’s Wrath Episode 2

After a festive holiday season, Game Informer’s annual 12.31 Super Replay usually brings suffering. In years past, this day has kicked off complete playthroughs of stinkers like Overblood, Overblood 2, Blue Stinger, Illbleed, Raw Danger, Martian Gothic: Unification, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Vampire Hunter D. Figuring out which game will be honored with this spot […]

New Breach Update Adds Medic Class & More

Earlier this year Breach – a co-operative, customizable action RPG – launched into Early Access, and developer QC Games is already updating the game with new content and improvements from fans’ time with the title. The Patch 0.1: Valley of Kings (click for full patch notes) introduces the titular map, the medic class, new boss Sekhmet […]

New Characters Coming To Apex Legends Leaked

Apex Legends has had a charmed release, but already players want more – and based on the digging of some dataminers, new characters are not far away. We know that the battlepass is scheduled to hit next month, and these new legends could be part of a larger rollout. There’s a longer list of names and other fare […]