Sony Says The Next PlayStation Will Have An “Appealing” Price

Mere days after Wired’s revealing story on Sony’s plans for its next console, a new slice of compelling information has emerged. While the story itself broke down system specs and hardware capabilities, today’s slice of info via Wired senior correspondent Peter Rubin involves one that many gamers are concerned about: price. Here’s the whole exchange between Ruin and Cerny about […]

These Six Games Had Amazing Level Editors

Level editors are my favorite endgame destination. I appreciate the highly curated experiences developers create – the easy-to-read level design, or the fine-tuned balance in multiplayer maps – but after I’ve experienced a game the way its developers intended, level editors provide a fun incentive to stick around. They’re often quite educational, too, making me […]

We Rank The Walking Dead’s 10 Hardest Choices

The Walking Dead revels in moral ambiguity. Each episode introduced us to new characters, giving us just enough time to love them (or hate them) before putting us in charge of their fates. Choice is often an illusion in Telltale games – characters’ destinies often stay the same regardless of your choices in critical plot […]

Overwatch’s New Escort Map Takes Players To Cuba

Just a few days after launching the PvE-focused Storm Rising event, Blizzard has revealed even more content for Overwatch is arriving in the not so distant future. A new escort map taking place in Havana, Cuba will be going live on Overwatch’s PTR servers “soon.” The map will likely follow onto console versions soon after, […]

Katana Zero Review – A Sharp And Dull Blade

What’s the most terrifying thing about a samurai assassin squaring off against a room full of gun-toting goons? The sword. Out of all possible deadly weapons, the samurai chooses a blade that requires unerring precision and close range, even when facing a hail of bullets. That choice conveys a lot about the efficiency and confidence […]