Australian Classification Hints At Possible Castlevania Collection

Konami recently registered something called the Castlevania Anniversary Collection with the Australian Classification Board, which might tease that the company is going to whip something up for the Gothic action series. However, the first Castlevania will be 33 this year, so the “anniversary” this is referring to is unconventional… or this collection might be further down the […]

343 Wants People To Stop Sending Them Pizza

Earlier today, the Master Chief Collection got announced for PC, finally bringing a number of heavily-requested titles from the series to the PC. A few days ago, a user on Reddit was so excited about the possibility of the Halo collection on PC, they offered to buy the first responding 343 employee a pizza. Community […]

MLB the Show 19’s Diamond Dynasty Opens Up

Fantasy collection modes practically have to implement some kind of grind in order to balance the mode for players who don’t want to spend real money, giving them a chance to earn the best players. MLB the Show 18 provided multiple paths for players to get the players they coveted in its Diamond Dynasty mode, […]

Hollow Knight Is Getting A Physical Edition

Remember when Team Cherry cancelled its retail physical release for Hollow Knight, but said it would look into other options? Today, Team Cherry and Fangamer gave more details, announcing that the action/platformer will indeed get a physical release, and it’ll launch in late May for PS4, Switch, and PC. Hollow Knight will get two physical editions: the standard […]