Man Accidentally Rescues Coyote Pup

While it’s impossible to know for sure, it’s possible that the coyote pup’s mother had been moving her and her siblings to a new den, and had accidentally dropped her in the process or been startled by a passerby and left her behind.  Of course, the tiny coyote pup was still too young to be […]

Tiger Pounces At Girl In Front Of Zoo Enclosure

While it may seem cute to watch tigers behave like house cats, teasing them from behind the glass is not the most respectful way to interact with them, Bass said. The cats instinctively lurk and prowl to find food. “Tigers prefer to sneak up behind their prey,” Bass said. “It’s very frustrating for the glass […]

Crows Give Man Who Helped Them The Sweetest Gift

Dahlquist loved to listen to the excited chirping of the baby crows. But, one day he went outside and immediately realized something was wrong. Both chicks had fallen from their nest, and their parents were unable to help them. “[The chicks] were almost able to fly, but instead were just running around the yard — […]