Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, Litecoin, Tron, Bitcoin SV, Cardano: Price Analysis, Jan. 14

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The market data is provided by the HitBTC exchange.

After the two years of price-centric action in the cryptocurrency industry, 2019 might shift the focus towards the fundamentals. Until the community puts an emphasis on the foundational aspects of crypto, we believe that a sustained recovery is unlikely.

The Winklevoss twins believe that stablecoins and tokenized securities will give a boost to the crypto space. Remaining positive on Bitcoin (BTC), they continue to hold the view that it is a better investment than gold.

While the Winklevoss’ view can be considered biased, as they have a vested interest in crypto prices going up, the arrival of established players into the asset class shows the promise it holds.

Vontobel bank, Switzerland’s third largest financial custody provider, has launched a digital custody product for institutional players. Large players like Vontobel don’t get into a space without studying it extensively. That leads us to believe that it is only a matter of time until institutional money starts trickling into the market.

However, not all banks share Vontobel’s point of view. The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has cautioned investors that they could lose money on Bitcoin.

Amidst these contradictory opinions, what do the charts suggest? Let’s find out.


After struggling to stay above $3,598 on Jan. 11 and 12, Bitcoin (BTC) broke below the support line on Jan 13. There is no support between the current level and $3,236.09. Hence, we anticipate a gradual slide to the lows if the bulls fail to sustain above $3,598. A break down of Dec.15 low will resume the downtrend.

Below $3,236.09, the next support is the psychological level of $3,000. The failure of the bears to defend the low confirms that the sellers are in command. A new low will be a serious sentiment breaker.

On the other hand, if the BTC/USD pair reverses direction from either the current levels or $3,236.09 and breaks out of the downtrend line and $4,255, it will be an indication of strength. We are yet to see the formation of a higher high and a higher low, which would confirm a trend change.

Currently, we remain neutral on the pair. Depending on the price action in the next couple of days, we shall suggest a course of action. Until then, the traders can stay on the sidelines.


The bulls have been unable to push Ripple (XRP) above $0.33108 in the past three days. Currently, the bulls are attempting to scale the level again. If this latest recovery attempt fails, we expect the cryptocurrency to drop to $0.27795.

Both moving averages are flattening out, and the RSI is in the negative zone. This increases the possibility of a range formation between $0.27795 and $0.4.

The XRP/USD pair is not signaling a trend reversal yet, so we suggest traders stay on the sidelines for a few more days.


Ethereum (ETH) is attempting to bounce off the critical support at $116.3. If the rebound fails to scale the 20-day EMA, the bears will once again attempt to break down of $116.3. If this support gives way, a retest of the lows at $83 is probable.

The 20-day EMA has started to turn down, which shows that bears hold the advantage in the short term. However, the 50-day SMA is flat, which points to a likely consolidation in the medium term.

If the bulls sustain above the 20-day EMA, the ETH/USD pair might consolidate between $116.3 and $167.32 for a few days. We shall wait for a breakout above $167.32 before turning positive on the coin.


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been trading below the range for the past three days. The bulls have been unable to push the price back into the range, which indicates a lack of buyers at the current levels.

The next support on the downside is $100 and below that at $73.5. Both moving averages are gradually sloping down, and the RSI is in the negative zone. This shows that the sellers will pounce on any pullback to $147.

Our negative view will be invalidated if the BCH/USD pair sustains above the moving averages. Currently, we can’t find any buy setups, so we remain neutral on it.


EOS broke below the support of the range on Jan. 13. The bulls are currently trying to push the price back into the $2.3093–$3.2081 range. If successful, the consolidation might continue for a few more days.

Both moving averages have turned down, and the RSI is also in the negative area. This means that the bears are in command.

If the EOS/USD pair drops below $2.1733, a fall to $1.7746, and further to $1.55, will be likely. Conversely, if the cryptocurrency bounces from the current levels and scales above the moving averages, it might extend its stay in the range. We shall turn positive on a breakout and close (UTC time frame) above $3.2081.


After the breakdown of the symmetrical triangle, Stellar (XLM) is attempting to stay above $0.1. If this support breaks, a retest of $0.09285498 is likely.

Both moving averages are trending down, and the RSI is in the negative zone, which shows that the bears have the upper hand.

Our bearish view will be negated if the XLM/USD pair reverses direction and rises above $0.13427050. The traders can wait for a trend reversal pattern to form before initiating any long positions.


The bulls could not defend the moving averages, which points to a lack of demand. Litecoin (LTC) is currently attempting to bounce off the critical support of $29.349.

The strength of the bounce will signal whether the LTC/USD pair will move up or tumble below the support. If the bears break below $27.701, a fall to the low of $23.090 will be possible. Hence, traders who hold long positions should keep a stop loss at $27.5.

If the bulls bounce strongly and sustain above the moving averages, it will indicate demand at lower levels. In such a case, a rally to $40.784, followed by a move to $47.346 is probable.


Tron broke below the 20-day EMA on Jan. 13. Though the price quickly reclaimed the moving average, the bulls are facing selling at higher levels.

The 20-day EMA is flattening out, whereas the 50-day SMA is sloping up. This points to a consolidation in the near term but advantage to bulls in the medium term. The support on the downside is at the 50-day SMA, which is close to $0.0183.

The TRX/USD pair might stay inside the range $0.0183–$0.02815521 for a few days, before breaking out of it. Our neutral-to-bullish view will be invalidated if the price plunges below $0.0183. Nevertheless, we couldn’t find any reliable buy setups at the current levels, so we are not proposing a trade yet.


Although the bears broke below the support of the range on Jan. 10, they could not push the price toward the next support of $65.031.

For the past three days, the bulls have been attempting to stay above $80.352, but are facing selling close to the moving averages.

If the BSV/USD pair breaks below $74.022, the next stop is $65.031. If this support also crumbles, a retest of $38.528 will be probable.

On the other hand, if the bulls scale the moving averages, the likelihood of a rally to $102.58, and beyond that to $123.98, increases. Currently, we can’t find any buy setups, so we are not suggesting any trades.


Cardano (ADA) did not move according to our expectations, which is why in our previous analysis we had suggested traders close their long positions without waiting for the stops to be hit.

The ADA/USD pair is currently trading inside of an ascending channel. The price has turned down from the resistance line of the channel on three occasions. The probability of a fall from the top of the channel to its bottom is high.

The bulls are attempting to bounce off the 50-day SMA. If the price sustains above the 20-day EMA, a rally to $0.051468 is probable. However, if the price turns down from the 20-day EMA and breaks below the 50-day SMA, it can decline to the strong support of $0.036815. A break of this support can result in a fall to $0.027237.

Currently, both moving averages are flat, and the RSI is close to the neutral territory, which points to a probable consolidation in the near term. We shall wait for a new buy setup to form before suggesting any new long positions in the pair.

The market data is provided by the HitBTC exchange. The charts for the analysis are provided by TradingView.

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Our Most Anticipated Action Games Of 2019

Last year’s action games were spell-binding, and it looks like 2019 is shaping up to be just as exciting. Mechs, mind-bending platformers, and ambitious sequels are all on the horizon. Here are the action games we’re most excited about.

Babylon’s Fall

Release: 2019
Platform: PS4, PC

Platinum has made its name as one of the best action game architects in the industry, creating the likes of Bayonetta, Vanquish, Nier: Automata, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengance. We might not know exactly what the heck is going on with Babylon’s Fall’s timeline obsession or what the story is about, but given the developer’s pedigree, we’re more than a little excited to find out.


Release: 2019
Platform: PS4, Xbox One

Masters of the mind-bending action adventure, Remedy has delighted and beguiled gamers with the likes of Max Payne and Alan Wake. With Control, the company is diving back into comfortable territory of conspiracy theory narratives, super-power focused gameplay, and guns guns guns. Check out why editor Brian Shea really liked what he saw of the game back at E3.

Days Gone

Release: April 26
Platform: PS4

With its open-world mixture of biking and undead-murderin’, Days Gone really impressed our crew when they went out to see the game for our cover trip last year. Players will finally be able to raise some anarchy on the road when Days Gone releases in the next few months, and see if this strange but alluring combination pays off.

Daemon x Machina

Release: 2019
Platform: Switch

One of Nintendo’s big surprises during its E3 stream, Daemon x Machina has the makings of a hit Switch exclusive thanks to its frantic mech combat and striking visual identity.

Devil May Cry 5

Release: March 8
Platform: PS4, Xbox One

It’s been a decade since the last numbered entry in Capcom’s seminal demon-murderin’ series and it’s back with a vengeance. Sporting beautiful graphics, a fittingly hellish metal soundtrack, and the fast-paced combo-oriented combat that Devil May Cry is known for, hack & slash fans have a lot to be excited about.

Dying Light 2

Release: 2019
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC

The thrill of Dying Light’s parkour combat and survival systems in a zombie-infested city was one of 2015’s biggest surprises. With the sequel, Techland is working to rectify one of the original game’s biggest flaws: storytelling. Chris Avellone, who has penned the stories for games like Fallout: New Vegas and Baldur’s Gate, lends his talents to Dying Light 2, which is designed to make players’s choices shape the world around them in interesting ways.


Release: Summer
Platform: PS4, PC

Formerly known as Judge Eyes, Judgement is a spin-off of Yakuza where you play as a private eye trying to solve murders in Kamurocho (Yakuza’s version of Tokyo’s red light district). When you’re not beating up gangsters, you’ll be investigating crimes to bring evildoers to justice.  The love for Yakuza’s brand of ambitions and zaniness is real in the Game Informer offices, so we’re really hyped to see how this spin-off fares.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Release: 2019
Platform: Switch

A surprise sequel that was announced during this year’s Game Awards, Team Ninja’s MUA 3 lets you assemble a team of Marvel’s best super heroes (including those from Guardians Of The Galaxy) to take on Thanos in beat’ em up style. Get those adamantium claws ready, bub.

My Friend Pedro

Release: 2019
Platform: PC

My Friend Pedro’s elevator pitch is simple: you are a guy controlled by a sentient banana who’s telling you to kill a bunch of bad dudes. Fair enough. This stylistic, violent indie will have you pulling off John Woo maneuvers in slow motion, raining bullets down on unlucky foes. The combination of slapstick humor with slow-mo gun thrills has us eagerly waiting this little blood-soaked adventure.

Ori And The Will Of The Wisps

Release: 2019
Platform: Xbox One, PC

Ori and The Blind Forest was one of the best platformers of this generation and Moon Studio is looking to improve upon the original with a revised combat system, varied biomes, and a touching story all while retaining the beautiful visuals that made the original game so arresting.

The Pathless

Release: 2019
Platform: PS4, PC

Abandoning the seas for the trees, Giant Squid’s follow-up to Abzû, The Pathless, follows a hunter’s quest to remove a curse from a beautiful land. We got the chance to see The Pathless in action recently and came away impressed by the game’s aesthetic and ambitions. Hopefully we’ll see more soon.

Psychonauts 2

Release: 2019
Developer: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Psychonauts is easily one of the most beloved platformers of its time, and fans are eager to experience the continued adventures of Raz and company. Given Double Fine’s penchant for creating memorable stories with wacky humor and poignant story beats, the crowd-funded Psychonauts 2 might end up being something very special.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Release: January 25
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC

This one’s just a couple of weeks out! Resident Evil 2’s remake has turned a lot of heads since its reveal at E3, ending up being the eye-catcher at the show. It’s not hard to see why. The original game’s innovative campaign structure and tense horror made it one of the best games of its time. With a current generational face-lift as well as over-the-shoulder gunplay, the remake looks like it will do more than just take players for a nice trip in the dark down memory lane.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Release: 2019
Developer: Respawn Entertainment

Outside of a behind-the-scenes trailer showing lightsaber motion capture, we don’t know much about Respawn’s upcoming Star Wars game outside that it’s set after Episode III.  However, the company’s pedigree does a great job of speaking for itself, considering just how masterful Titanfall 2 was as both a single-player and multiplayer-experience. It also doesn’t hurt that God Of War alumni Stig Asmussen is directing the game.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Release: March 22
Developer: From Software

From Software is at it again, eschewing dark fantasy settings and Lovecraftian takes on the 19th century for ninjas. Sekiro looks to be a beautiful, epic adventure that fits the difficult mold Darks Souls and Bloodborne while fashioning its own unique deviations. We’re clearly excited for From’s latest since it’s our cover story this month! For exclusive information about the game, check out all our features here.

Spelunky 2

Release: 2019
Developer: Mossmouth

Don’t fix what ain’t broken. So far that’s been the general consensus of Spelunky 2’s messaging, with the sequel playing much like the original game, forcing players to navigate a difficult, procedurally generated dungeon in search of treasure Indiana Jones style. However, a new setting, some characters, and a bevy of items (like arrows you can fire into walls to use as platforms) are sure to delight both newcomers and experienced spelunkers.

The Surge 2

Release: 2019
Developer: Deck13

Deck13’s sci-fi stab at making a Souls-like game with the first Surge was interesting but not without its problems, mostly the barren setting and grinding. The Surge 2 looks to fix those issues with a gorgeous world, expanded character customization, and dynamic combat. A lot of games really come into their own with the sequel and that’s what we’re hoping for with The Surge 2.

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Cancer-Friendly Fragrances : L’Elixir

Ozalys’ L’Elixir is a First-of-its-Kind Perfume for Women with Cancer

L’Elixir by Ozalys is a fragrance with fresh floral, woody and musky notes that sets itself apart as a first-of-its-kind perfume developed for women fighting cancer. During the process of undergoing chemotherapy, patients often experience changes in their sense of smell, which makes certain aromas intolerable.

The perfume boasts innovative packaging that incorporates a transparent applicator inspired by the traditional glass stopper that allows for a single drop of the fragrance to be purposefully and safely placed on the body or perhaps even a garment—as cancer patients are not always able to apply scent to the neck area during their treatments.

This gentle, feminine fragrance supports self-esteem and is said to “give the feeling of being wrapped in a cashmere shawl, soft, warm and reassuring.”

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Toyota urges support for PM’s Brexit deal

Dr Johan van Zyl

Image caption

Dr Johan van Zyl says the deal will protect the car industry’s competitiveness

Toyota’s Europe boss has reiterated his support for the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal ahead of Tuesday’s key Commons vote.

Dr Johan van Zyl said the deal was vital to protecting the UK car industry and would stop a damaging no deal exit.

His intervention comes days after Jaguar Land Rover and Ford announced thousands of UK job cuts, blaming a slowdown in the global car market.

The Japanese firm has said it could cut jobs in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

The carmaker, which is investing £250m in producing the new Corolla at Burnaston, is concerned about the potential disruption to its just-in-time supply chain.

It is also worried about new tariffs, as a large proportion of the cars it makes in Britain are exported to the EU.

The firm, which also has a plant at Deeside, employs 3,000 people in the UK.

Speaking at a launch event for the new Corolla on Monday, Dr van Zyl told the BBC: “We’ve said since the start of the Brexit discussions that we would like to see trade without any duties or tariffs, and of course we would like to see a regime where the regulatory framework is the same between the EU and the UK.

“That for us is what is really required to make sure that our operations can continue as they are at the moment.”

He added: “The big thing about [the Brexit] deal that is on the table is that it really allows us to keep our competitiveness. But if we put any friction or tariffs into the system, that will impact our costs and that will affect our competitiveness.”

Theresa May has urged MPs to back her Brexit deal “for the country’s sake” as Tuesday’s Commons vote looms closer.

But despite EU assurances on the “backstop” – the fallback plan to avoid any return to physical Northern Ireland border checks – it seems unlikely she will triumph, political observers say.

Business minister Greg Clark, who attended the Toyota event on Monday, said that not backing the deal could damage British business.

He told the BBC: “What we need to do to continue a success like [Burnaston] is we need to be able to continue to be able to sell into Europe, protect the just-in-time production that has been the foundation of its success, and we’re absolutely determined to ensure that should continue.

“I think it is really important that Parliament listens to people who are creating jobs in this region and across the country and act on it.”

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Trader Joe’s Easy Naan Flatbread Pizza Recipe

If it were up to my husband, we’d eat pizza for dinner every single night. Yes, even though we have a standing Pizza Friday each week, it’s just not enough for him. So I’m never surprised when he suggests these flatbreads for dinner, seeing as they’re essentially pizza with a fancy name. I usually let it slide since they’re such a quick, satisfying meal and I will also happily eat them on repeat. You just need three ingredients from Trader Joe’s to make these cheesy flatbreads possible.

A Lazy Pizza Dinner, Courtesy of 3 Trader Joe’s Staples

I’ve long been a fan of the frozen garlic naan at Trader Joe’s. It’s come to the rescue multiple times when a quick dinner or easy side needs to be arranged.

Recently I stumbled upon vacuum-packed marinated vegetables and was so curious about their packaging, I grabbed one. Inside are semi-dried artichokes, zucchini, eggplant, and tomatoes that are soaked in a garlic-oregano oil. They’re good enough to eat all on their own, but instead I chopped them up and used them as a base for veg-heavy flatbreads.

The naan doesn’t even need to be thawed for these — just place them on a baking sheet, top with the vegetables and plenty of shredded cheese (I like Trader Joe’s Quattro Formaggio Shredded Cheese Blend), and toss in the oven to warm up and allow the cheese to melt. Serve with a simple green salad, if you’re looking to round out the meal. (Or don’t, if you’re feeling lazy; that’s okay, too.)

Trader Joe’s Garlic Naan Flatbread Pizza

Arrange a rack in the middle of the oven and heat to 400°F.

Place the garlic naan in a single layer on a baking sheet. Top each naan with vegetables and shredded cheese. Bake until warm and bubbling, 5 to 10 minutes.

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Video: Town Used Injured Opossum for ‘Possum Drop’

PETA has obtained video footage and photographs revealing that an opossum now named Millie—confirmed to be the one who was suspended in a box in the air for at least two hours at the Andrews, North Carolina, “Possum Drop” on New Year’s Eve and subjected to loud live music, a shouting crowd, and fireworks—was left with a days-old, untreated injury that has now necessitated that her leg be amputated at the shoulder.

Her life in her natural habitat is now over because of this callous spectacle.

Based on a veterinarian’s examination of her injuries, Millie is believed to have been captured for the Possum Drop on or before December 29. Drop organizers claimed that a veterinarian who reportedly “asked to remain anonymous” examined her foot and pronounced her “healthy”—even though she had been severely injured. Just after midnight on January 1, she was transferred to a wildlife rehabilitator, and she was examined by a second veterinarian, who opined that her injuries were consistent with those inflicted by a snare or steel-jaw trap, likely used to catch her for the Possum Drop—the blood circulation in her leg was cut off, and her leg bones were snapped—and that they had been left untreated since at least two days before the drop. The opossum’s injuries were so extensive that her leg could not be saved.

She underwent surgery to have her foot amputated on January 7, followed by another on January 11 to have the remaining part of her leg amputated at the shoulder.

“A complaint should be filed against the veterinarian who not only failed to treat this animal’s severe injury but also signed off on terrorizing a badly wounded opossum,” says PETA Senior Vice President of Cruelty Investigations Daphna Nachminovitch. “PETA is again calling on every decent resident to demand an end to this appallingly cruel event that cost this animal her leg just for some passing amusement—and urging anyone with information about the veterinarian’s identity to come forward.”

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NBA clears Cavaliers of wrongdoing in Patrick McCaw signing

CLEVELAND — The NBA has cleared the Cleveland Cavaliers of any wrongdoing in their brief alliance with forward Patrick McCaw.

At the urging of the Golden State Warriors, the league investigated Cleveland’s signing of McCaw as a restricted free agent before releasing him. McCaw played two seasons with the defending champions but did not re-sign with them last summer. The Cavs signed him to a two-year, $6 million offer sheet last month the Warriors chose not to match.

McCaw played in three games for the Cavs and was waived before his contract became guaranteed. He signed with Toronto last week.

The league said Monday it found “no violation of the league’s collective bargaining agreement, including the anti-circumvention rules.”

The Cavs could have forfeited a draft pick had they been found guilty of any offenses.

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Bitcoin and Crypto Ransom: A Rapidly Growing Trend

Between wild price volatility, the fear of Bitcoin-stealing malware, the risk of having assets left on an exchange that could become a target of hackers, and so much more, crypto investors are stuck looking over their shoulder at every turn.

Cyber criminals are pulling out all the stops, doing everything from creating fake websites, to hacking Twitter accounts of or impersonating public figures, in order to separate an investor from their crypto assets.

Last year, cryptojacking cases spiked, and social media platforms were rife with cryptocurrency giveaway scams. Now, cyber criminals are increasingly turning to crypto ransom schemes, demanding a sum of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency, or else the cyber criminals will follow through with a serious threat.

Bitcoin Bomb Threats, Kidnappings, and More: Criminals Are Turning to Crypto Ransom

Within the last month alone, there have been widespread cases of Bitcoin ransom letters terrorizing the United States and Canada, a $10 million ransom in Monero in exchange for the safe return of a Norwegian millionaire’s wife, and in this latest example, a nearly $1 million ransom in Bitcoin was paid, yet the American individual at the center of a kidnapping case wasn’t returned safely as the criminals promised.

The owner of online gambling site 5Dimes, William Sean Creighton Kopko, has been missing since September 24th, according to authorities in Spain. The American businessman was visiting Costa Rica, when he vanished suddenly without a trace.

Criminals contacted Kopko’s family demanding a $950,800 ransom be paid in Bitcoin. Kopko’s family paid the ransom, and as many as 12 individuals have been arrested due to their alleged involvement in the case, yet Kopko has still yet to be returned safely. Cyber criminals have stopped all communication with the family after the ransom was paid, leaving the family and investigators with little to go on.

Related Reading | Monero and Privacy Coins Are Creating More Efficient Criminals

A similar case involving the wife of one of Norway’s wealthiest men was demanding $10 million in the privacy-centric crypto Monero for her safe return, however, authorities instructed the man not to pay the ransom, and instead were asking the public for information to help their investigation.

Before the close of 2018, the entire United States was up in arms over widespread Bitcoin-related bomb threats that were sweeping the nation. The FBI and NYPD both claimed the ransom-related threats were a hoax, however, it left many people in fear, and caused the closure of several businesses and government buildings.

Bitcoin Ransom Letters: It Can Happen To You

Often, people say to themselves “it won’t happen to me,” but in the case of Bitcoin ransom-related threats, this very reporter received one just last week.

Upon awaking my MacBook from its slumber, I was greeted by an email entitled “You have been hacked.” The cyber criminal claimed they had been watching me for “several months,” infecting my computer with “malicious software through an adult site” that the hacker claims I visited.

“The Trojan virus gives me complete access and control over a computer or other device. That means I can see everything on the screen and turn on the camera and microphone, but you’re not aware of this. Thus, I also got access to all your contacts,” the threat read.

The hacker had claimed they had taken control over my MacBook’s web cam, and had used it to make recordings the hacker was threatening to later send to my contacts unless I paid an $800 Bitcoin ransom.

Related Reading | Bitcoin Extortionists Turn From Blackmail to Bomb Threats

Initially, my stomach sank, fearing the worst. What did they have on me? After my initial gut reaction, I recalled a number of examples of Bitcoin-related ransom case I’d covered extensively as a reporter, and I quickly found comfort that the threat was empty, and little more than a hoax. Knowing I had capable malware-blocking software installed further provided ease of mind.. Then I became intrigued, even entertained by the letter.

The instance reminded me of a recent email being sent to residents of Paradise Vally, Arizona, that involved an email threatening to expose an affair if a sum of Bitcoin wasn’t promptly paid. Authorities also chalked this example up to being a hoax, but not before it gave unfaithful, married residents a real scare.

Having personally reported on more than a handful of cases in as many months, and having been victimized by a Bitcoin ransom email myself, it’s becoming evident that cyber criminals are finding success with this strategy, and a clear trend is rapidly forming.

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Leather Overlaying Textile Sneakers : Air Max2 Light

Nike’s Air Max2 Light Arrives in a ‘Blue Lagoon’ Colorway

Nike’s iconic Air Max2 Light sneakers made its first appearance 25 years ago, and now it makes another return in an all-new colorway entitled ‘Blue Lagoon.’ The revived sneakers retain its original construction and most notably, its technical Air Max unit complete in four separating chambers using two printing systems. The sneakers are constructed from lightweight materials with a textile upper.

Textural accents are informed with leather overlaying materials and it sits on top of a soft Max Air cushion and midsole crafted from foam. It is rounded out with a rubber outsole for traction sensibilities. Branding details are complete in the form of a black Swoosh on the sides of the shoes. The color palette of Blue Lagoon features white, turquoise, and a bright red Air Max bubble. The Air Max2 Light Blue Lagoon sneakers are set to drop on solebox beginning January 18th.

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10 Cloverfield Lane Director Slated To Direct Uncharted Movie

Another director is once again attached to Sony’s attempt to bring Nathan Drake and pals to the big screen. After Shawn Levy’s departure from the project, Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane) has stepped up to take on the adaptation, according to a report from Variety.

The adaptation has no release or even production date. Tom Holland is still reported to star as young Nathan Drake but given that the press tour for Spider-Man: Far From Home hasn’t started, we imagine this movie’s release is a long way away.

While you wait, why not watch Allan Ungar’s fantastic fan film starring Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake?

[Source: Variety]

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